Plumbing and Emergency Plumbing Service

We are currently offering an Emergency Plumbing service around Glasgow and towards Edinburgh (primarily M8 corridor)

We are based in Airdrie and offer rates from £50 call out and £25 per half hour.

Distances over 15 miles from our base are simply charged at an additional £25 call out. (up to 40 miles)

We cannot travel further than this without due consideration to time.

Payment methods for your convenience are as follows:


Cheque (with guarantee card)

We can also accept paypal payments (5% surcharge)



LOCATE YOUR STOPCOCK – Usually under your kitchen sink, also can be located outside in a small square marked SC or coloured blue.

Leave your bath taps running slightly (this helps water to stop freezing, but you must check your drains are not backing up)

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Emergency Plumbing Service